Writing Winning Proposals

You’ve asked:
How can we improve our proposals to increase our strike rate?

Good proposal writing is a fine art, and a complex business. In the US, PSMJ offers a full two-day program on how to do it better. We don’t offer that program in Australia-New Zealand, but the key principles of it are embedded in the PM Essentials program – and we include several specific techniques that help project managers to become better proposal writers.

Writing a great proposal is only the first step.

Success in a design business also requires special skills in negotiating terms of an agreement between what you can offer for the fees available, and what the client would ideally get. Participants in the PM Essentials course learn key tactical negotiation skills.

In several instances, we’ve worked closely with design practices in an Advisory Services capacity, and this role has included advising the firm on specific proposal and other business development skills, sometimes in tandem with facilitating Strategic Planning sessions.

Great sources for more information on proposal writing are:

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