OK, call it a New Years Resolution – if you must – but the point here is to honor the consultants and suppliers who make our business viable. Over the next few weeks, I will single out our best suppliers, tell you a little bit about them, and why I am a “rusted on” client.

First up: I’ve worked for over 3 decades with Keenan Archer at Minuteman Press, including the firm Keenan bought out, Ron Hannan at Hannan Printworks.

If there ever was a fundamental rule in business, it is that you take care of the people who take care of you.

Minuteman Press ticks all the boxes. Do they make mistakes sometimes? Of course they do! Nobody is exempt from that. Do they cover and make good their mistakes? ALWAYS. Do they also cover our own stupid mistakes? USUALLY.

If you want better than that, good luck!

Just one caution: Minuteman Press is a huge franchise – they are everywhere. I only know about this particular one – so I’m endorsing just this one!

Contact: Keenan Archer, keenan@minutemanabbotsford.com.au, or 03.9415.6618.

Charles Nelson AIA, LFRAIA

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