Full credit for the success of the Australian office goes to the scores of design firms and the many hundreds of architects, engineers and other design professionals that have entrusted PSMJ with their skills growth programs over the past 15 years in the Asia Pacific region. Thank you!

At left: Amber Shu and Zhenlian Zhang hard at work on the PSMJ Earned Value exercise, Landrum & Brown PSMJ PM Essentials workshop, Shanghai, 2017.

A featured project that everyone recognises comes from one of our clients, the PDC Group. Their Manila office was responsible for 3D BIM modelling and shop detailing for the structural steel framing for the complete structure. PSMJ provided project management training for 40 of PDC’s Manila-based PMs and engineers, including those responsible for this project. See for the PDC story about this project.

Barangaroo, a Lendlease project in Sydney, is one of Australia’s largest mixed use developments. Paul Davis of Smart Structures, a Calibre Consulting company, worked with Coffey Geotechnics and Menard Bachy to design and construct the below ground and water substructure and basements for this massive project. PSMJ has provided PM training for hundreds of Calibre Consulting engineers, and facilitated the acquisition of Smart Structures by Brown Consulting, which later become Calibre Consulting.

This image comes from one of our great clients, Allen Jack+ Cottier Architects, of Chippendale NSW. If you’d like to see one of the coolest ever staff line-up presentations, go to and explore the People tab. Yes, architects like Michael Jones and Tom Sidford in this image, still use yellow trace to resolve the thousands of considerations that go into a design, before they commit it to digital.

This image topped our search for the art of presentation to a group of stakeholders. The project is a new Student Union for the University of Illinois at Springfield, with one of the competing architects making a presentation. The Committee took the unusual step of photographing the presentations and posting them on its website for community review. Selected architects were Dewberry and Workshop Architects. For more information see

This image shows the quintessential design team meeting, and comes from the Boston architecture firm Leers Weinzapfel Associates. PSMJ’s only connection to LWA, as far as we know, comes from long, long ago when Andrea Leers and Jane Weinzapfel both worked at Earl Flansburg’s office in Boston at the same time as Charles Nelson. We thank Andrea and Jane for borrowing this image. For information on LWA, see

This image is of the Lloyd’s Building in London, of which many hundreds of images exist. We were not able to identify the photographer for this particular shot, but we like it and hope we haven’t breached any copyright issues.

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