PSMJ facilitators have spent their lives
doing what our clients do

We understand the business of engineering and architecture at a depth borne of thorough, comprehensive experience. This makes a critical difference in the way participants in our programs learn, apply and retain information. PSMJ’s learning facilitators are architects and engineers with deep experience in the industry. Coupled with a “finger-on-the-pulse” awareness of current trends, tactics and strategies, this knowledge delivers what our clients need to stay at the cutting edge of their profession. This theory-free, practical, grounded, industry-specific experience sets PSMJ apart from every other design-oriented training firm on the planet.

Charles Nelson AIA, LFRAIA, AECPM

Charles heads up PSMJ Resources’ presence in Australia/New Zealand. Charles has a BA in Architecture and Psychology (Minnesota), and studied Land Use Law & Legislation and Law of Construction Contracts at Harvard University. He has been involved with the architecture/engineering design and construction industry for over 50 years, including a decade as the owner/manager of a Boston-based design/build firm.

Charles has facilitated Project, Design, Quality, and Risk Management training since 1989 – he’s conducted more than 300 workshops across three continents, including programs at ten American Institute of Architects national conventions. Review Charles’ full C.V.

Harry Nicholas, B. Arch

Harry, a certified PSMJ consultant, is a Principal at Melbourne architecture firm Hayball Pty Ltd. He has 18 years experience in the construction industry, having worked with many design and building firms as Architect and/or Project Manager. Harry is a past Lecturer and Chairman of the Academic Council at Oceania Polytechnic Institute of Education, where he graduated in the School of Architecture.

Harry is a firm believer in surrounding himself with talented people so as to immerse himself in the energy that collaborative creativity generates. His focus is guiding relationships with a positive outlook, and his target is to meet clients’ expectations and regularly exceed them. With a strong collaborative approach, Harry’s practice development efforts have in recent years focused on quality management and project review processes, change management, and the intricate dynamics related to successful team building – resource management. Harry shares with us what he’s learned about Human Resources. Review Harry’s full C.V.

Frank A. Stasiowski, FAIA
President & Founder, PSMJ Resources Inc.

Frank A. Stasiowski is a counselor and advisor to CEOs of many of the top design and construction firms in the United States, Canada, New Zealand, the UK, Switzerland, and Australia. He actively serves on the board of directors of major architectural and engineering firms throughout the world including one publicly-traded 4,000-person engineering firm. As an advisor to A/E/C firms worldwide, Frank helps his clients by challenging them to excel, and by assisting them to solve their problems and management issues. He sees his role as one of helping clients and client teams to generate alternative action options, explore the pros, cons, risks and costs of those options, to provide recommendations but, ultimately, to allow clients to make their own decisions guided by his insight. Review Frank’s full C.V.

Shane Fracchia, MBA, BCom, CertTech, FCPA, FAICD

Shane Fracchia is a strategist and director of specialist consulting firm Fracchia Advisory, which assists boards, executives and business leaders grow their opportunities and navigate the risks impacting their business and projects. The firm specialises in strategic design/planning, performance analysis and reporting for the professional and human services sectors. Shane supports PSMJ Resources Asia Pacific in the areas of Financial Management, Mergers & Acquisitions and Valuations.

Shane has been a senior executive for over 25 years with experience across a range of industries including health and aged care; chartered accounting, engineering and architectural services; management consulting and defence.

Shane is also a professional non-executive director and holds formal qualifications in engineering, commerce and management; including an MBA from Deakin and leadership studies at Harvard. He is a recipient of the AIM Professional Manager of the Year, the Australian Defence Medal and a Fellow of both the Institute of Company Directors and CPA Australia. Review Shane’s full CV.


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