Strategic Planning & Growth

“Charles, we are very satisfied with the TQPM because it has been getting good results year by year. It is effective, efficient and excellent and you are the Creator of the magnificent system.”

Hideki Kiyono, General Manager, Project Planning Department, Mitsui Fudosan, Osaka, Japan

Helping AU|NZ design firms plan strategically

Frank Stasiowski and Charles Nelson have both assisted a wide variety of Australian & New Zealand design firms to establish viable strategic planning programs – and in some cases to rethink and revitalise existing programs.

We do this in a variety of settings – sometimes as a part of an Executive Advisor role, sometimes as an initial component of an Ownership & Leadership Transition program or Merger & Acquisition program, and sometimes we simply facilitate strategic planning retreats as an outside, objective partner.

The format will vary to suit the firm and the objectives of the planning process, but most commonly it takes a full day of facilitation, and typically a half or full day of preparation, and a follow-up half day to prepare and present a report (unless someone in the firm can do that).

Sometimes a “brainstorming” component is useful, but in most cases, using a “gap analysis” model is the most efficient.

Gap analysis

This model always concludes with an assignment of responsibilities for every item in the agreed plan, with the understanding that every participant in the retreat will have specific responsibility for making part of it happen – and a time line to do it.

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Great Strategic Planning Resources

Strategic Planning Manual: Preparing Your Firm for Success

Strategic PlngBelieve it or not, professional service firms that take part in effective strategic planning report profits that are 25-30% higher than firms of comparable size that do not. Yet amazingly, according to PSMJ survey data, nearly 70% of A/E/C firms don’t do any real strategic planning!

This 480-page manual takes you through every step of the strategic planning process; from correctly assessing your firm’s current status to indentifying where you need to focus, and implementing the strategic plan.

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How to Build and Maintain a Strong Client Base for Your A/E Firm
How to build & MaintainThe secret to marketing and business development success is that there is no secret! But, that doesn’t mean it is easy. This manual puts the tools that you need for success right at your fingertips. Ever wish you had a surefire game plan for powerful proposals?

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