The faster things change, the more important learning new strategies becomes. Some aspects of design for construction are changing faster than they ever have in history. Some aspects have barely changed since the days of the Pharaohs!

With information doubling every 2 years, all designers struggle to stay current with the techniques needed to stay relevant.

PSMJ Resources facilitates learning experiences for design professionals worldwide, using highly interactive workshop settings. Participants contribute their own experience, learn from the experience of others, and together gain deeper understanding from PSMJ. We have four decades of teaching and working with many thousands of designers, representing many hundreds of practices.

We’ve been providing structured learning for Australian and New Zealand architects, engineers and other design professionals for more than twenty years.

PSMJ facilitators have spent their lives doing what our clients do. We understand the business of engineering and architecture at a depth borne of thorough, comprehensive experience. This makes a critical difference in the way participants in our programs learn, apply and retain information.

PSMJ’s learning facilitators are architects and engineers with a combination of extensive experience in the industry. This, coupled with a “finger-on-the-pulse” awareness of current trends, tactics and strategies are what our clients need to stay at the cutting edge of their profession.

This theory-free, practical, grounded, industry-specific experience sets PSMJ apart from every other design-oriented training firm on the planet.


What participants say about PSMJ’s PM ESSENTIALS program:

“Fantastic! Inspirational and great in supplying tools to achieve results.”

– Nicky Drobis, Director, Fender Katsalidis Architects, Southbank, VIC

“Fantastic overview of what systems and advanced planning methods can bring to projects to help with project success.”

– Tim Mansfield, Structural Project Engineer, Wood & Grieve Engineers, Melbourne, VIC

“Great content. Reiterates the critical nature required for project management on all projects.”

– Gabriella Gulacsi, Project Coordinator, Geyer Pty Ltd, Melbourne, NSW

“The presenter’s personal experience is important in making this course relevant.”

– Liam Wythes, Project Engineer, Connell Wagner, Neutral Bay, NSW

“Exceptional presentation of extremely useful tools to improve me personally & benefit our company in the long term”.

– Ken Dyer, Principal, Suters Architects, Pyrmont, NSW