Strategic Planning

You’ve asked:
What’s the best way to implement our long-term plans?

A project without a plan is a ship without a rudder. So is a practice. Our world is evolving at a faster and faster rate, and what was true last year may be badly misleading this year. If you don’t have a robust strategic planning process in place, we can help you get that going. You’ll need it.

One of the common errors design firm leaders make is to conduct strategic planning in secret, excluding even senior staff from the discussion. Three or four decades ago, that worked.

Your design professionals want to be involved with the direction of your firm, and need to be if you want your people to do their best. “Buy-in” is critical, and you get buy-in only when they share in the planning exercise.

Many design firms find that using an experienced outside facilitator helps keep strategic planning sessions on track, delivering workable plans that require all participants to “own” some part of the outcome. Senior PSMJ staff often guide these planning sessions for our clients, sometimes as part of an Executive Advisor role, and sometimes as a stand-alone exercise.

The technique we find most useful is called Gap Analysis, which starts with charting a firm’s present reality, then moving to its preferred future, then coming back to compare the two and chart the gap between them. This usually involves a reduction of goals and actions to a set that participants feel can be achieved.

The session concludes with every participant accepting responsibility for part of the implementation, and agreeing on a timetable for milestones and revisiting the plan.

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