Coordination & Integration

You’ve asked:
How can we best manage the whole project team?

Design professionals have seen their spheres of influence dwindling as projects and delivery systems become more complex, and other players have annexed large slices of the roles they once played.

There is one area of practice that is still available – and barely colonised – that affords huge opportunities to those design firms that develop the skills to manage it. That area is whole project coordination and integration. It’s an area that demands a broad understanding of the language of design; a niche for today’s “Renaissance Man or Woman”.

Very few independent project managers have the depth of knowledge needed to undertake this role, and their usual skills of budget and schedule control are inadequate for the need.

To learn more about this opportunity, explore our sister website, and work your way through the ten steps to Taking Control. It will change the way you think about the future of your practice.

If you’re short of time, find Step 9: The Essence of Control, and read the 12 points under Taking the High Ground. Then think seriously about sending your project managers to PSMJ’s PM Essentials program – it will give them invaluable tools and techniques to help them “seize the high ground”.

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