Managing Risk

You’ve asked:
What’s the most efficient way to assess project risk?

Every project has risks, but every practice will be affected by the same risks in slightly different ways. Some firms can manage risks that other firms can’t.

The DesignRisk app ( is the easiest, fastest way to conduct a risk assessment and make the go – no-go decision. Check it out today.

Smart design managers understand that being creative about managing risk can give the practice a hard-to-beat marketing edge. If you aren’t sure what that means, attend the PM Essentials program; you’ll learn how to use risk to your advantage.

Managing Quality

You’ve asked:
Why do we need to update our Quality System?

In late 2015, the international ISO Committee issued a new version of ISO 9001: Quality management systems – Requirements, which has significant changes that affect all design firms certified to the Standard.

Firms have 3 years from the date of issuance to update their systems or they will lose their certification.

Your unique guide to update your project quality approach is Charles Nelson’s Managing Quality in Architecture. Learn more at

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