Project Scope

You’ve asked:
How can we control scope creep?

Scope creeps; shift happens. Wise project managers budget for some scope creep, but track it and keep the client well advised as to all changes made – those not charged as well as those charged.

The PM Essentials tools include a simple, efficient tracking system that does that effectively.

Clients will only identify changes as such if they are so identified – all others will be seen as just part of “standard design service”.

Project Budget

You’ve asked:
How can we deal with unrealistic budgets?

Sometimes clients want – or need – more than they can afford, or want to pay for. Expect that.

The resolution, if there is one, is a process of negotiating wants back to needs, and being upfront about the costs to deliver. Logical, but designers continue to try to avoid the hard discussion.

The PM Essentials workshop includes an exercise to help participants think through scope and budget to create a realistic Work Breakdown Schedule.

Project Schedule

You’ve asked:
How can we manage impossible schedules?

“Cheaper, better, faster” is the new normal. Cheaper doesn’t mean less design, it means good design at a lower cost – which requires “faster”.

Faster means better, more efficient decision-making, with all the information needed available at the start of the project – which takes you to better project planning.

Sometimes “faster” is doable; sometimes it’s too risky, and you have to weigh the risks against the value of taking on the project.

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